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Giochi Azione – Giochi per Pc e Smartphone gratis

Giochi Azione

Giochi di azione gratis sul tuo PC

Scegli all’interno di un ampia varietà di giochi di azioni per tutti i gusti. Il divertimento è assicurato, c’è solo l’imbarazzo della scelta. I giochi online di azione offerti da Future Gamer sono tutti gratuiti e si caratterizzano per la semplicità d’utilizzo.

La scelta sui giochi d’azione è davvero ampia, si va da giochi di guerra, super eroi, sport, corsa, robot e molto altro ancora. Si potrà giocare con i giochi prescelti tutte le volte che si vuole, senza alcun limite di tempo.

I giochi di azioni sono tutti in Flash e contengono una scheda con descrizione e informazioni sul gioco scelto. Qualora con si disponesse della tecnologia in Flash necessaria a giocare, è possibile scaricarla gratuitamente dal sito Adobe.

Ogni gioco contiene anche il relativo codice HTML, che può essere copiato e incorporato comodamente sul proprio sito web.


    A Big Fat Dolphin is on the hunt for new fish.


    Help by controlling him through the large expanses of the ocean and show him the way to new fish.


    But beware, it's fish migration time and you're ..

  • Grenadier GIOCA ORA!

    This game contains 20 levels. You clear a level by destroying all enemies in it. For each level there is a certain amount of grenades available.

    You play the game with the mouse, and you can cancel grenades by ..

  • Halloween Block Matcher GIOCA ORA!

    It is a Halloween version of block matching game with one rule and one goal. Collapse the block by clicking the group of horizontally or vertically connected same color blocks. On each collapse you will get score. Bigger group ..

  • Piggy On Bike GIOCA ORA!

    Piggy On Bike coloring game. Fun flash game for kids, boy and girls. Take your brush and paint.

  • Halloween Deluxe Match 3 GIOCA ORA!

    Great classic match 3 game with Halloween theme and exciting level design.

  • Car Parking Game GIOCA ORA!

    Car Parking
    Park The Car As Fast You Can
    Local Hi Scores

  • Shoot The Bottle GIOCA ORA!

    Shoot The Bottle
    Shoot The Bottles As Fast As You Can
    Local Hi Scores

  • Abducted by Aliens GIOCA ORA!

    You were checking out the stars in your new telescope when you saw something strange. A UFO came down out of the sky and abducted you. Now you must figure out how to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

  • Dark Ops Shooter GIOCA ORA!

    You are elite forces soldier and your mission is to use your sub-machine gun to shoot all enemy forces, try to aim fast to survive and successfully eliminate all enemies in order to progress to the next levels. Use the mouse to ..

  • Cloudventure GIOCA ORA!

    Claudia is a novice weather mage who can only control clouds. It’s time for her to prove herself by passing the final exam. Get through 6 colourful worlds, avoid obstacles and enemies, buy upgrades and get medals.

  • Halloween conquest GIOCA ORA!

    The big hunt begins. Try to free the world from the invasion of witches, ghosts, and menacing pumpkin lanterns. Show your agility and prove that you are the best. Happy Halloween.

  • Arctic Fruits GIOCA ORA!

    Arctic Fruits is a Match-3 online game. The goal is to help a penguin named Bobby collect frozen fruits with his friends.
    Swap 2 items and create 3 in a row to remove them from the game. Collect all frozen fruits to advance ..

  • Halloween Shooting GIOCA ORA!

    Evil forces trying to take over the world. Try to free the world from the invasion of witches, ghosts, and menacing pumpkin lanterns.

  • Dungeon Hunter Joe GIOCA ORA!

    Hunter Joe has to pass through a long and terrible dungeon where bloodthirsty monsters and other creatures are waiting for him. Here you can't get through without a good shotgun, but hunter Joe knows what he is doing. Your ..

  • Cooking Apple Strudel Pie GIOCA ORA!

    Hi girls! We must prepare an apple strudel pie!rnFirst we prepare apples, cut them into pieces, add sugar and raisins , put it on low heat and prepare dough sheets.rnAfter that, put the composition of the crust and put it in the ..

  • Sport Car Coloring GIOCA ORA!

    Do you like sport cars? Here you have nice looking sport car and color it the way you like. Left mouse click to color.

  • Forest lake GIOCA ORA!

    Forest lake it is such a comfy alternative to real life fishing - you can enjoy it while in your desk chair at the office.

  • The Ancient Machine GIOCA ORA!

    The Ancient machines evolved and captured the people of the planet. Get rid of old machines. Destroy them using a catapult and improved bomb. You can gain extra points if you get the artifacts. Collect bonuses.

  • Highway Car Racing GIOCA ORA!

    Highway car racing is a fast paced and fun racing game. The aim of the game is to score as higher as possible and cover as much distance as you can. Your car's speed and the traffic density increase gradually.rnrnThere are a few ..

  • Great Leader Kim Jong-un GIOCA ORA!

    General Kim Jong-un suddenly disappears from eyes of all the people of the world! He is secretly making preparation for a worldwide heartshaking project. Let's help General Kim do it! Have fun!

  • Lost City Treasures GIOCA ORA!

    Compose precious crystal by 3 in row and restore an ancient talisman from the Lost City. Your task is to remove all golden, silver or copper tiles from the field and get all parts of the talisman.

  • IWBTG: The lost easy level GIOCA ORA!

    This is the third chapter of the iwbtg flash series (other chapters can be found here: http://solleader.newgrounds.com/ ), you can play it on newgrounds for achievements.

    Instructions are given in-game.

    For ..

  • Rectangle Road GIOCA ORA!

    Rectangle Road is known for its high speed traffic & valuable gold coins. The gold is always on the most dangerous lane but well worth the risk!

    -Move your mouse anywhere on the screen and your car will follow your ..

  • Burning Scarecrow GIOCA ORA!

    Control:rnrnLeft Button Mouse for burnrnrnM - MuternrnP - PausernrnR - Restart

  • Swimming Pool Dress Up GIOCA ORA!

    Is a beautiful summer day, and you decided to go to the pool with some friends.rnFirst you do the makeup and then you must find a suitable outfit and find the perfect combination of accessories!rnHave fun and good luck!

  • Halloween Connections GIOCA ORA!

    You need to connect all the similar tiles focused on the halloween. Link a pair of them with no more than three lines and try clear the halloween panel to continue the next level. You can choose the difficulty of each level. ..

  • Crazy Race Arena GIOCA ORA!

    Your goal is to destroy the other car. Destroy the boxes and collect points!

  • Smash From Beyond GIOCA ORA!

    Scan the pumpkin type displayed in the main monitor with the mouse and smash them with the A key, mutant pumpkins and bad pumpkin stacks must always be super smashed with the D key. Avoid unstable bomb pumpkins.

    A ..

  • GT Motorsport 3D GIOCA ORA!

    Fast pacing racing game across different locations, driving the fastest cars.

  • Rainbow Lines GIOCA ORA!

    Rainbow Lines is one of the most entertaining and challenging puzzle games for your device!
    The goal of the game is to remove balls by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of 4+ balls of the same color.

  • Crazy Race Arena 2 GIOCA ORA!

    Crazy race arena 2 is an extremal racing game. The second part of the great crazy race battle game! Select one of the cars and win a crazy race battle.

  • Escape Skull Rise GIOCA ORA!

    A strange cult has chased you into the woods... rnseemingly forcing you into this place.rnNow you are trapped inside. Left to your own devices, you must find a way out.

  • Booger Wheels GIOCA ORA!

    In this simple and addictive game you are a booger trying to run away from the water. Try to get as far as possible and get coins to get a high score.

    In addition to Flash and Android version, there is an HTML5 version ..

  • Flora BubbleShooter GIOCA ORA!

    Bubbleshooter game with flowers. Play with your mouse

  • Castle (lite) GIOCA ORA!

    Monarchs come to you with a specific castle request, and your job is to build their dream palace piece by piece before the deadline without making mistakes. In the meantime, enemies come in and try to break your castle. They will ..

  • Yellow Dreamer GIOCA ORA!

    Make sleepy clones of yourself and collect Z points in order to advance to the next level.

  • Zombo Buster Rising GIOCA ORA!

    Zombo Buster has finished their mission a while ago with the elevator technique. Meanwhile, some hopeless survivors are still struggling against horde of zombies. Screw the strategy, it’s time to shoot’em all!

    Control ..

  • Bubble Shooter A New Challenge GIOCA ORA!

    This is a special bubble shooter game in which you will find a rounding wheel of bubbles. In each level you need to reach to a target score number. Shoot the bubble towards the wheel to make the group of same color bubbles. ..

  • Block Collapse Challenge GIOCA ORA!

    It is a simple game with one rule and one goal. Collapse the block by clicking the group of horizontally or vertically connected same color blocks. On each collapse you will get score. Bigger group you collapse, more score you ..

  • The Fruit Snake GIOCA ORA!

    C'è un totale di 10 livelli.
    Spostamento = tasti freccia, P = Pausa, M = Musica ON / OFF
    Fare clic con il mouse sul pulsante = Prossimo livello

  • Lake Fishing GIOCA ORA!

    Pesca realistica sul lago della foresta. Giocando in questo gioco, puoi rilassarti e divertirti completamente!

  • Panda Click GIOCA ORA!


    »Incontra Panda! (• ^ - ^ •)
    »È il tuo nuovo amato animale domestico virtuale!
    »Nutrilo e migliora la sua qualità alimentare!
    »Clicca su di lui per nutrire, o fagli ..

  • Boorish Monster World GIOCA ORA!

    Questo è un gioco di tiro difficile in cui devi distruggere tutti i mostri che appaiono sullo schermo. Per ogni livello otterrai un importo fisso. L'importo sarà ridotto ogni volta che spari a un missile. Quando un mostro ..

  • Science Connect GIOCA ORA!

    Questo è un tema scientifico che collega elementi identici Gioco da tavolo. In questo gioco è necessario svuotare la scacchiera collegando coppie di oggetti identici. Ogni volta che colleghi 2 oggetti verranno rimossi dal ..

  • GraviBots GIOCA ORA!

    Il tuo obiettivo è distruggere tutti i robot rossi.

    Usa le trappole a gravità per spostare i robot contro le punte.

    Usa i tasti freccia per muoverti, la barra spaziatrice per prendere / lasciare trappole ..

  • Awesome run GIOCA ORA!

    Il campionato mondiale è iniziato! Crea il tuo corridore, acquista nuove scarpe da ginnastica, supera i record del mondo, sali al primo posto in una lista segreta dei migliori corridori! Ecco il mondo intero e dozzine di ..

  • Gravitee Wars Online GIOCA ORA!

    Gravitee Wars Online è un gioco di artiglieria multiplayer ambientato nello spazio. Usa la gravità dei pianeti mentre lanci missili contro i tuoi avversari finché non sei l'ultima squadra in piedi. Aggiorna la tua squadra e ..

  • Mad Fire GIOCA ORA!

    Distruggi tutti gli invasori alieni. Dopo la distruzione del nemico che appare bonus, puoi prenderli. Inoltre, raccogli tutti i 6 elementi delle lame e avrai un'arma super.

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